Aiming for a functional and visual design that empathizes with the basis.
I am a Product and Design Systems Designer with over 15 years of experience. Working as a design system designer at large design organizations such as Oracle and ServiceNow, I have experience with both product and marketing design systems. In particular, I have experience in defining a new design language from scratch, and also I have experience in integrating different design languages and defining them as a unified design system. I am passionate about creating an experience through creativity and systems with a holistic point of view. Because I believe that communicating between usability and visual empathy is to create design meaningful and provide a better user experience for people.
Currently @ Coupang
Manager, Product Design @Design Foundation
• Responsible for the RDS (Rocket Design System) that supports Coupang core application.

• Lead a project that defines an advanced design foundation covering Coupang products such as the Core, Eats, and Butter (Kiosk/POS).